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Website Development Company In Chennai | Website Design Company In Chennai



web design company in chennai, web development company in chennai, website development company in chennai, website design agency in chennaiAt God Particles,  the best website development company in Chennai, we have affordable and quality web designing services that can be customized for your company. Website development  & design is one of the best investments you will make for your brand. Yes, you read it right, a website is not just an expense. It is an investment that will give you back in sales and brand recognition. While some may consider websites to be expensive or time-consuming, the reality is that a professional website done by a website designing company in Chennai can be both cheap and easy if you choose the right company.

75% of people judge a brand/ company’s credibility based on its website design. Most consumers also go online to find and research local businesses. Hence the obvious answer to the question, “Do I need a website?” is definitely YES. But what kind of website? This is an important question you need to answer because a namesake website doesn’t cut it anymore. You need a professionally designed trendy website that can help boost sales and make you stand out from the crowd.

 Whether you run a small local business, a tech startup or a big corporate, your website acts like a digital business card for the company. A search engine optimized website design / development can help you rank well on search engine results and bring you relevant customers.


 An optimized website helps you reach potential customers and also helps boost sales as a result. As one of the foremost website development companY in Chennai, God Particles can create and optimize your website according to your business needs, competition and target customers.

Not having a functioning, well-designed website means that you are leaving behind a lot of potential customers who are searching online for similar products/services. Customers that are going to your competitors only because they have an online presence.


Your website provides customers an efficient way to contact you and learn about your products, services and business. Even when you aren’t available or when your staff aren’t available, your website acts as a virtual storefront or a sales representative. It makes your business accessible and provides helpful information for the customers. When there are new developments, product launches or updates, your website becomes an effective medium to share the news to existing and potential customers. Providing customers multiple ways/ platforms to interact with your business is the only way to maximize reach for your business.


The website is your virtual window to the world. Much like the window of your store or business, a website is your company’s face in the virtual world. And it usually has one primary goal. This can be anything from getting potential customers to sign up to giving information about your brand or making customers buy your products online.


If your business is just starting out, investing in a static website can be a good move for your business. This kind of website functions as an online presence and takes a very short time to be designed.  One of the major advantages of opting for a static website is the speed. Since it does not have any back-end systems, it eliminates unnecessary complexity and delays. Static websites are also more secure than dynamic websites. They can keep you safe from phishing, snooping or any other malware attack. You can also cut down costs by choosing a static website design for your business.


WordPress  website design / development is more than just a blogging tool. It is now used by so many people & business owners to build a customized, interactive website. For small and medium business owners, managing their website can become very tedious, very soon. With WordPress, you can have complete creative freedom to create your website interface and manage it easily.  Once can easily create web pages, menus, posts, forms, manage images & videos with a single click. At God Particles, one of the leading WordPress web development companies in Chennai, you can have your pre-designed theme customized according to your needs. You can also choose plugins from the pre-developed plugins available in WordPress. These plugins also help make your website even more functional and user-friendly.


web design company in chennai, web design service provider chennai, web design cost in chennai, web design companies in chennai, web development companies in chennaiConsumer behaviour is constantly evolving. The way people shop is changing faster than ever. As a business owner, it is crucial to make use of such technological advancement to your gain and stay ahead of the competition. Online shoppers are always on the lookout for products; they compare prices from different websites before they make a purchase. Hence having a functional, easy to use e-commerce website can be very beneficial to your business. The biggest benefit of creating a e-commerce website for your products is the convenience of selling your products/services around the clock, to customers irrespective of their location.

An e-commerce business website also takes much less time and cost to set up than a physical store. With a functional website designed by a professional website designing company, you can make use of social media marketing, google Adwords and other marketing strategies to promote your business. At God Particles, we can turn your websites into a sales magnet with digital marketing strategies too!

Another benefit of selling online is that it is quite simple and easy to collect data, measure it and act on it. Selling online enables you to get your hands on first-hand data by way of tracking how customers interact with your website. The data provides you with insights on how to improve customer experience and boost sales on your website. The availability to track customer interaction enables you to identify and perfect feedback loops of any actionable insights that will help you enhance your customer experience. All you need to do is ensure that you collect and act on this data in ethical ways and ensure that you protect it.

Another important advantage of taking your business online is how easy it is to collect data about your consumers, measure metrics and tweak your strategies to maximise reach. You can also track how customers interact with your website. With this data in hand, you can work on improving the interface which will in turn boost sales.


The number of mobile users across the globe is said to exceed 5 billion now. Hence a mobile –first website can help you tap into the huge audience and boost your business. Since it is much easier to create a mobile website than a physical store, you can cut costs and increase ROI. With mobile-first websites, you can be in touch with your customers 24/7 to increase engagement and sales.


For any business owner, generating valuable leads is one of the biggest challenges. Constructing your websites for efficient lead generation is important to increase reach and target potential customers. Gathering a prospective lead helps the business to target them through their marketing efforts later, even if they do not make a purchase immediately!



With a basic understanding of technology, practically anybody can build a website but it takes a well-experienced person to design, develop or build a website that stands out from the crowd. As Chennai’s leading website designing company, God Particles understands the basic tenets of website development like no other company. Our experience in several industries and with companies of varying sizes has given us valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t in a website!

Many businesses that invest in a website make the mistake of forgetting that your website journey doesn’t end with the creation of a website.  A bad, poorly-designed website could cost your business and affect sales too!



Every website is designed with a purpose. It seeks to solve a problem for the customers. Hence your website must be very easy to use and navigate through. The question you have to ask yourself is that, when a customer visits your website do they have any difficulty searching for info or do they navigate easily through the pages. Are they able to navigate easily from one page to the other? Most importantly do they find information, products that they were looking for? When your website satisfies all these conditions, it can be deemed to be user friendly.


Placing the right kind of relevant content on your website is of utmost importance when building your website. It is crucial to understand your users and write content that they will relate to. Factors such as age, nationality and literacy level play a big role when determining the content style for the website. All the content present on the website should be consistent with the brand voice. But most of all the content should aid in improving customer engagement, retention and create loyal customers.


As a business owner who wants to stand out from the competition, you want your website to make use of all the current trends and technologies available. Creating a website that would be considered outdated is not going to do your business any favors. Most websites created today are responsive and have fluid web design. With mobile users increasing rapidly, any website that does not support mobile readability will also be considered out of the race. This can be very damaging for your brand and business, hence always trust in an experienced web designing company to design a trendy, modern website for your business.


It doesn’t matter if you have a thriving business in the physical world, unless your website and content is optimized, you are not reaching your potential customer base. The idea behind optimization is to make your business website attractive to search engines and your target audience. Optimizing your website is a holistic process that combines SEO, copywriting, web development and UX design. Your website must also be optimized for all kinds of devices, browsers, and data speed and search engines. This helps you rank for relevant keywords in search engines which in turn means that customers are finding your brand easier than ever.


Any website design that takes more than a few seconds to load is testing your customer’s patience.  With attention span decreasing rapidly, there is a high chance that they will switch to your competitor website that loads faster than yours. Page speed also affects your brand reputation because customers tend to share their bad experiences with others hence it is important to have a website that is optimized by compressing images and mobile-friendly so that it can load using lesser data and even in poor connection areas. Embedding media files and hosting them in external sites such as YouTube, caching and deleting unnecessary plugins can help boost your website speed and boost sales for your business.


Creating an online presence for your business is the goal but a secure website that your customers can trust and use with confidence helps improve your brand reputation. Hence it is important to prioritize security even as you build your website. From choosing a trusted host, content management system, add-ons, plugins to creating fool proof passwords, renewing security certificates, setting up backup facilities, website security is a vast area that needs a lot of your time and attention. As business owners, it is best to leave it to the experts in the web-designing sector who can efficiently create and manage your website without hiccups.


website development chennai, website development company in chennai, web design services in chennaiDon’t settle for the first web design company in chennai that google suggests. Most businesses make the mistake of trusting a web development company without completely judging their capabilities. Your business website is a long-term project. While you may tweak it slightly now and then, the website framework will remain more or less the same. Hence it is important to find the right web designing agency for your business.

A website is your address in the online world. Hence steer clear of web developers who treat your website like a catalogue or informational brochure. It is more than just a couple of attractive web pages. Right from the beginning, build your website with SEO strategies in mind so that you don’t have to alter the website later. At God Particles, we adopt a marketing first strategy that helps your websites transform into a lead generation tool for your business. Unlike traditional agencies that approach web design and development company in Chennai only from an aesthetic point of view, we understand that the bottom line of any business is to earn customers. That is exactly what our websites will do for your business. Once you launch, we also help add conversion pixels to measure the performance of your social media campaigns and optimize accordingly. As your business grows, we help you attract more leads and also manage them effectively with the help of CRM systems.

With more than 5 years of experience in the branding and digital marketing sector, God Particles can cater to businesses of all sizes from any sector. We are passionate about creating a stunning website for your business that is centered on your brand values. Hence we take time to understand your brand in depth and create a website that adds value to your brand. Website is no longer just an online presence, hence we strive to make your website ready for conversions, sales and growth. Our expert team that consists of website developers, SEO specialists, graphic designers and content writers help achieve your business goals seamlessly with the help of your website.

Apart from web designing, we also offer social media marketing and digital marketing services to propel your business further with a mix of creative and technological tools.


Websites can be time-consuming and get delayed when handled by the business owners themselves or by amateur web designers. But with us, you can give us a brief and let the team work their magic. The different teams at God Particles work seamlessly to deliver your website on time.


As one of the best affordable web development companies in Chennai, God Particles has a wide range of experience in sectors that range from Government institutions to tech start-ups, food businesses, real estate and a lot more.


Developing a great website doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. With our customized packages that cater specifically to your business, God Particles ensures a great website that boosts your sales and business delivered on time.


Our skilled team is always on the lookout for new trends in the website sector. Hence we can create a business website that stands out from competitive brands, boosts your brand reputation and catapults your company to the big leagues.

2021 is the year of technology and virtual living thanks to the global pandemic situation. Traditional marketing is still going strong, but more and more businesses are employing a hybrid strategy that involves both virtual and physical strategies. So this is definitely the year to take your business online, tap into potential markets and grow your business online. A well-designed website is a signature of your brand value. It helps you identify, engage and retarget customers easily. If you still ask whether you need a website for your business? The answer is, are you still asking? Get creating your website!

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