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06. Do you keep it simple?

Your visual identity does not need to be complicated. When you have too many things going on, you run the risk of confusing your audience. At the risk of seeming underwhelming or unexciting, remove everything from your visual identity that does not contribute to your brand persona, as Vito Salvatore does here. Best Branding Agency in Chennai

Vito Salvatore website

Vito Salvatore

Effective design doesn’t need to have many elements. The Pink Flowers Twitter Header is able to convey who and what the account is about through a few illustrative elements and simple text.

07. Do you keep it consistent?

Jeweler Laura Bezant offers a distinct visual style on her brand website.

Bezant home page

Bezant London

When I visit Bezant’s Instagram, I get images in a similar tone.

Bezant London

Bezant London’s Instagram

Sun-washed images with all the same color story.

Consistency lies in applying the same filter, the same size, the same font type across your visual platforms. It creates cohesion so that if a customer follows you on Facebook instead of Instagram, they still get the same story.

Having an identifiable look goes a long way to establishing your brand. With these templates—Brown Grey Minimalist Travel Vacation Your Story and Cream Photo Collage Minimalist Modern Your Story—you’ll have more than one way to create a look that is memorable and impactful.

08. Are you easy to understand?

Your visual story shouldn’t be so esoteric that I have to perform a Vulcan mind meld in order to understand your brand message. If I stumble upon your site, will I know what you offer? Observe:

Shake Shack

Shake Shack’s Instagram

If I come across this page, I hope you’re selling hamburgers and not weight loss advice.

Top Branding Agency in Chennai

Your visual branding should make sense with your identity.

Visitors to your site and social media should be able to know what you’re about at a glance. Share a photo collage like the Brown Restaurant Photo Collage Food Facebook Post template to make it easier.

09. Do you speak the language?

When you’re on social media, you should be fluent in the conversation. For visual branding, it’s key to find the appropriate content for your audience on each platform. For example, Pinterest appeals to advice, DIY, and helpful tips and tricks. The images you post on Pinterest should be in someway actionable by your audience. You want them to pin it for increased exposure, but you also want them to click through to your site.

Facebook and Google+ are all about community. You should use these platforms to start conversations with your audience, and gage interests to further develop your brand.

On Twitter, short bursts of commentary, shameless self-promotion, and catchy imagery is the language. Instagram is suited to slices of life.

When creating visuals for your social media persona, we’ve created automatic templates for each platform. Instead of agonizing over image dimensions, start a new design with our pre-configured dimensions.

Make your design fit your platform with these templates, Green Vintage Yard Sale Instagram Post and White Polaroid Cookie Bake Sale Instagram Post.

social media templates, visual brand identity

Canva offers pre-made templates set in the recommended dimensions of the most common social media platforms. You can also create one using custom dimensions Top Branding Agency in Chennai

10. How do you brand on social media?

Use the opportunity on social media to become human to your friends, followers, and customers. It’s important to use every square inch of real estate to perfect your persona. Take a look at what Prepared HousewivesNordstrom, and Makeup.com have created on Pinterest.

Prepared housewives pinterest boards

Prepared Housewives Pinterest

Nordstrom Rack Pinterest

Nordstrom Rack – Top Branding Agency in Chennai

makeup.com Pinterest


Creating a cover image for your boards makes it easier for your audience to engage with you, like these templates Best Bridal Bouquets Pinterest Graphic and White Photo Tips Women’s Fashion Pinterest Graphic. This practice also ties in with consistency.

Source : CANVA

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