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The Power of Branding Branding Companies Chennai Branding has the power to X10 the value of your product of service. Consider the humble white shoe. With no brand attached, the shoe is simply a shoe. However, attach a brand’s logo on to it,

Intrinsic Web Design: Everything You Need to Know Guest Articles, Web Design & UX This article was contributed by Ashish Kumar. On the 8th anniversary of Responsive Web Design, Jen Simmons, Designer Advocate at Mozilla, introduced a new concept in web design, Intrinsic

How to create a 2D & 3D By Brad Thorne (3D World) | 2D 3D animation video company A step-by-step guide to creating a believable werewolf in real time. The concept, model, texture and material setup for this ferocious image of

Logo Designers Chennai Rich symbolism displayed with multiple symbols, often giving a cult like feel. Logo Designers Chennai Neo Vintage Logos The new vintage… nostalgic logos. Often type is placed over the top of a supporting image. Black & White Hipster Logos A matured version

Designers, Creatives & Freelancers Podcasts are a great way to develop yourself, your skillset, and your career. Simply download, plug in your earphones, and you can tap into a huge network of knowledgeable experts and individuals from around the world. graphic

Graphic Designers & Creatives Graphic DesignThis article was contributed by 9ightout. Chocolates, photo frames and books are the obvious gifts but how can you find something different and exciting for a loved one? Especially, when there’s an artist, designer or a techie

12 Things Young Designers Need to Know Saturday, March 02, 2019 Design For Students, Guest Articles This article was contributed by Atiq Rehman. You’re ready to start your design career and to turn your passion into your livelihood. You’ve learned the software, practiced

Top Mistakes Graphic Designing Make Design For Students, Graphic Designing Below is a list of very common mistakes that so called ‘graphic designing’ make. How many of these do you do regularly? Take constructive criticism too personally Not knowing any famous designers

ABOUT GOD PARTICLES God Particles is the total solution provider for Logos, End-To-End Digital designs, Animation Videos, Creative product packages, Product photography, Minimals, Illustrations and what not. We embrace creativity by giving you a Presence, Sustenance and Connection with your Customers