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Responsive Web Design Company

Responsive Web Design Company chennai india

Responsive Web Design Company

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Responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a manner that helps the lay out to get changed according to the user’s computer screen resolution. Responsive Web Design Company

Seminal Responsive Web Design Example

Responsive Web Design Company

As the nameplate implies, the website serves as a perfect example of responsive design.

The demo page includes navigation, a text block, grid-style area, and even illustrated logotype, so to speak covers a minimum of integral elements. The team showcases how sizes of logical divisions and arrangement should properly change in order to provide users with an excellent experience on portable devices.

Naomi Atkinson

Responsive Web Design Company chennai india

Naomi Atkinson leverages a mosaic-style layout for the front page. This solution is widely-used among those who want to immediately shed a light upon its artworks by creating online portfolios.

The designer employs irregular grid that nicely transforms into a correct grid once you start minimizing your browser window. And that’s not all;

Forefathers Group

professional web design company chennai

What can you say about this website? It certainly conveys a distinct, quite overwhelming impression with its matchless, sophisticated design. The team has not stinted on the artistry that manifests itself in various moments.

The website charms with its incredible retro-style typography, fantastic hand-drawn illustrations, textured background, and amazing graphics; and these all embellishments skillfully co-work with textual content that takes up a special place in the design.

Spigot Design

web development agency chennai

Here, the responsive behavior should leave an imprint not only on a standard layout that includes grid-style and line-by-line data presentation but also on intro video, dynamic graphics and of course, menu.

New Adventures In Web Design Conference 2012

website design and development services chennai

Being based on a flexible grid allows the organization to win over as many potential visitors as it is possible. And in this case, this quality not only contributes to the appearance of the website but also unobtrusively supports the event that it publicizes. So building a website with all specifications is an important move towards success.

Illy Issimo

product and package design chennai

The responsiveness is an essential feature of every high-quality promotional website that understands rules of attraction. Illy Issimo got the hang of it and used a flexible grid in order to

  • provide a pleasant user experience;
  • extend a targeted audience;
  • draw in potential customers that use small devices.

So as a result, its advertising campaign is certainly out in front.

Arrrrcamp Conference

best website and ui ux design company

The website focuses more on text rather than on multimedia. Thus, the large part of the website is based on a white monotone background that nicely underlines text and some trendy “ghost” buttons.

The front page undergoes changes once you resize your browser window; it ably supports all resolutions starting from 1920px and ending up with 240px that is really convenient since Ruby-lovers definitely know how to use tablets and mobiles in search of necessary stuff such as conferences in internet.

Robot or Not?

best web design company chennai

Robot or Not? is a demo website that puts a flexible grid in action.

Featuring an equal mix of textual and multimedia data that takes up the whole browser screen (as is often the case) and stripping away all the decorations and creative styling, the team tries to make from the regular page an excellent example for newbies that want to vividly understand basic transformations that happens with the layout when it adapts to various screen dimensions.

Earth Hour

new web design company chennau

Earth Hour is a really advanced and complex website that is filled with lots of multimedia including both videos and eye-catching photos. Moreover, it is also an online infographic that utilizes some beautiful graphics and smooth transitions in order to draw attention to the issue.

Responsive Web Design Company

Unfortunately, the adaptation is not well-crafted and fully elaborated, since the website suffers from some inconsistencies starting from tablet version, to say nothing of displaying on a much smaller devices such as mobiles.


top website design company chennai

The creative team resorts to an ingenious approach of using textures, fantastic drawings and illustrations in order to effectively set its company online and make it look unique and eye-catching.

An artistic side is absolutely stunning. How about an ability to skillfully adapt to competitive environment? Here is also all present and correct. Though the website is static, there are no magnificent effects or dynamic zest, yet the responsive behavior dramatically contributes to the users’ experience, saving the day.


best ui ux design company chennai

Ribot is a high-end digital design studio which specializes in mobile, tablets and beyond – as the title says. Responsive Web Design Company

Deren Keskin

web site designers chennai

Deren Keskin has a compactly arranged, clean online portfolio that obviously resorts to a rule that every web page should occupy only browser screen, even blog falls under this requirement.

The same goes to modified (according to responsive scheme) layouts, so everything is compressing until the whole structure perfectly fits into a screen regardless of its dimension.

Sweet Hat Club

website development company chennai

The textual filling here is quite optional, so the responsive grid should chiefly take care of properly modifying image sizes and fitting them into new dimension. What is worth attention here is that even the mobile version of a website includes 2 columns as the original one.


best website design company chennai india

The home page includes some information about the previous project activity, helpful links and characteristic illustrations. This is only one static web page that is reminiscent of the old days.

However the non-working status in no way affects the responsive behavior that is inherent to the website. Even now, being out of service, it continues to complying with web requirements and formally notifying users about its current status whether they stumble upon the website sitting at his computer or using a cell-phone.


affordable website design company

dConstruct is a website dedicated to conference and workshops that take a look at perceptions of technology and culture. Though the design is quite primitive, yet the informative side is really well-thought-out. Thus, the front page draws your attention to only 3 main moments:

  • speakers and workshops’ teachers;
  • description about the event;
  • sponsors.

Those are the main things that worry potential visitors and need to be instantly highlighted.

Adaptive Web Design

website designing agency chennai

As the nameplate implies, the website is concentrated on adaptive issues. To be more precise, this is a promotional website that advertises a book that will answer all you questions.

Authentic Jobs

Website design company chennai

It traditionally displays data via a list-style layout that is quite elegant and easy to handle when it comes to adding versatility via incorporating responsive behavior.

The transformation does not cause much trouble, since the structure stays the same;

Five Simple Steps

responsive web design company

The website of Five Simple Steps has a clean appearance that features only some kind of valedictory speech and a list of helpful stuff from those who previously run this website.

Staying responsive till the end is a good rule of etiquette, and the company is perfectly conscious of this.


web design agency chennai

Splendid is a simple online portfolio that emphasizes users’ attention on artist skills and experience. You will not find neither fantastic illustrations nor ingenious effects; the designer takes a minimal approach in order to present himself, and it definitely stands in a stark contrast to other sophisticated creatives’ websites.

In this particular case, the minimal design doesn’t mean minimal functionality. The artist feels that the responsive design is and will be the primary focus, so he takes care about a proper adaptation to huge and small screens.

Ryan O’Rourke

web development company chennai

Minimalism, minimalism and again minimalism…there is only one web page that features one sentence, email and small gif animation that shows off his activity. However much like the previous example, the website is based on a responsive framework that makes the website ready for mobile web audience.


Creative web design company chennai

FlexSlider is a lightweight jQuery slider from WooThemes with simple semantic markup and numerous valuable features that was created to become your reliable companion for an ideal image showcase on every popular device. Responsive Web Design Company

Nevertheless, the web page that promotes the product, unlike the slider itself, is not as adaptive as it should be. Unfortunately, the team has missed this point that really disappoints.

El Sendero del Cacao

best graphic design company chennai

El Sendero del Cacao has a visually-appealing website with a calm and warm atmosphere that is achieved with a help of soft coloring, spectacular images and appropriate graphics. Moreover, thanks to such integral features as

  • responsive layout;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • easy navigation;
  • multi language support.

the website is able to unobtrusively force users to indulge in an enjoyable pastime.

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