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Flyer Designers in Chennai

Top Design Tips to Make a Professional Business Flyer

Whether you’re setting up shop or looking to reach new customers, you’re going to need an eye-catching and stylish business flyer.

In this article, we’ll give you ten pro tips for designing flyers that are the ultimate multi-taskers—functional, direct…and much more creative than you think! flyer designers in chennai @GodParticles

A flyer’s primary purpose is to attract attention; and the secondary purpose is to convert sales—through information about unmissable offers or the details of an event, for example. Sure, this means it’s not going to be a treasured work of art, but you can still make a flyer that looks incredible while fulfilling both purposes. 

6. Be Approachable

Nobody likes a grumpy face…You shouldn’t under-estimate the simple power of a smiling human face when it comes to designing your flyers. 

friendly flyer near me
Friendly Flyer Template

For many people a flyer is going to be their first point of contact with your business, so it’s vital to make a good impression. If you’re advertising services it’s important to give the viewer a friendly face. When they do further research, even if that’s online or over the phone, they will keep that person’s face in mind. flyer designers in chennai

Flyer Designers in Chennai

This friendly flyer template is a great example of introducing an approachable photo without looking corny or forced. The otherwise minimal, restrained style of the flyer compliments the image, and makes it look like this man both knows what he’s doing and will be friendly and approachable in the process.

friendly flyer designers chennai
Friendly Flyer Template

A word of caution on using stock images—many stock photos of ‘smiling business people’ can look overly staged and soulless. Hiring a professional photographer to take high-quality, casual, authentic-looking photos of your business’ staff will be worth the money, and the images can be reused for advertising, websites or social media. 

If your budget won’t stretch to that and you must use stock, aim for photos that feel casual, informal and friendly. Browse a range of high-quality stock images over at Envato Market.

7. Don’t Compromise on Your Visuals 

It can seem a shame to restrict your photos or illustrations to just a small part of your flyer. But there’s no need to compromise! 

You can turn striking photos into the main attraction by sitting them behind other items of content, like text and color. Gradients and transparency effects are fantastic for allowing you to step outside of the usual boxy grid layout and create a layered effect on your design.

These super-professional flyers let graphics and color take center-stage, but by reducing the opacity of the colored elements, and adding subtle gradients the designer is able to make the text appear legible and stylish to boot.

business flyer design near me
Multipurpose Business Flyer

When working with small page sizes don’t feel limited to a basic grid layout—layered designs can look particularly striking and are a surprisingly simple way of making flyers that look professionally designed.

business flyer designers in chennai
Multipurpose Business Flyer

8. Use Shape to Create a Cool Modular Design

If you have multiple images and can’t decide which one to choose, try experimenting with shape to create a modular style. A shape-based layout is perfect for creating a modern photo collage on your flyer, which is ideal for almost every kind of purpose where you’d like to showcase a range of products or images, from stock sites to retail brands.

This stylish education flyer uses a series of overlapping circle shapes to position a couple of images and divide sections of text. 

education flyer designers in chennai
Education Flyer Template

The curves of the shapes make the flyer seem more playful and informal. Best flyer designers in chennai

education flyer designers
Education Flyer Template

You can design a flyer that takes advantage of a variety of shapes. This promotional flyer uses layered squares and rectangles, bordered by minimal white strokes, to showcase a range of product and fashion shots. 

promo flyer designers chennai
Promotional Flyer Template

Most software programmes will have a range of default shape tools, including circles, squares and polygons, which you can use to create a unique photo-board design. flyer designers in chennai

promo flyer designers near me

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