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Brochure Design Service Chennai

Brochure Design Service Chennai

Brochure Design Service Chennai

Brochure Design Templates

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A well designed brochure can, be a great way to get you and your work noticed. So if you fancy showcasing your work in print form, perhaps for your design portfolio or to show off a project you’re particularly proud of, why not get started with one of these brochure templates, aimed specifically at creatives?

We’ve updated this list with fresh brochure templates, as well as information about how much they cost (some are free, but most involve a small fee) and which software you’ll need to edit them. Whether you want an InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or even Microsoft Word brochure template, these are the best designs available.

01. Magnolia lookbook

Best brochure templates: Magnolia lookbook

Minimal and feminine, this print-ready template is a must-have

Price: $20 | Template for InDesign CS4+

This elegant lookbook template has a minimal, feminine aesthetic and 64 unique page designs for you to edit and make your own. It’s print-ready and comes with its own set of icons and uses a free multilingual font so it’s easy to repurpose for international use if needed, and to help get you up and running it includes a free PDF tutorial.

02. A5 horizontal brochure

Best brochure templates: A5 horizontal brochure

It’s easy to switch this template between five colour options

Price: $14 | Template for Indesign CS3

With five colour options to choose from, this sleek horizontal creative brochure template is ready to adapt to just about any purpose. It’s a 16-page CMYK full-bleed template that’s fully editable and uses free fonts – Open Sans and Sanchez from Google Fonts, plus Wingdings.

03. Wanderers photography brochure

Best brochure templates: Wanderers photography

Catch your audience’s eyes with this beautiful brochure template

Price: $29 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC, Photoshop

Make a statement with this beautiful, multipurpose brochure template for creatives, which you can use in InDesign or Photoshop. Ideal for professional portfolios and showcasing stunning imagery, this design is clean, modern and fully customisable. What more could you possibly want?

04. The minimalist

Best brochure templates: The minimalist

Showcase your typography projects with this elegant brochure design

Price: $36 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC

With its Swiss-inspired design, this brochure template would showcase the breakdown of a creative project in serious style. Minimal and elegant, it focuses on simple clean lines and a strong grid, with a fully customisable colour palette and seven sections including typography, colour, imagery, logo, print and digital.

05. Annual report brochure

Best brochure templates: annual report brochure

Make your annual report stand out with this engaging brochure design

Price: $12 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC

If you want to create an annual report that’s accessible to everyone, then this brochure template is definitely worth a look. Fully editable in InDesign CS4+, there are 16 pages for you to drop in your yearly data in an interesting and engaging way.

06. Brand manual

Best brochure templates: Brand manual

Create a beautiful corporate identity manual with this template

Price: $15 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC

Give your brand guidelines some minimal cool with this comprehensive A4 brochure template that covers all the bases and uses free fonts. It comes with 40 pages to work with, all carefully organised and fully layered, and it’s easy to add extra pages or duplicate existing layouts in InDesign.

07. Juniper

Best brochure templates: Juniper

Juniper is a tri-fold template with plenty of applications

Price: $15 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC

Designed with advertising, events, photography, fashion or product information brochures in mind, Juniper is a multipurpose tri-fold A4 brochure template featuring professionally typeset text using paragraph and character styles. Compatible with CS4 onwards, this InDesign template has six unique and customisable panels, and keeps printing easy and cost-effective by not using any bleeds.

08. Multipurpose creative template

Best brochure templates: multipurpose creative

This professional brochure template is ideal for ideal for photography, design, art or fashion projects

Price: $17 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC

This A4, professional brochure template is perfect for any creative wanting to make a good impression. With 32 pages to fill, the style is minimal, delicate and modern – ideal for photography, design, art or fashion projects. The design uses a selection of free fonts, all of which are listed on the download page.

09. Branding identity guideline template

Best brochure templates: Brand identity

Showcase your branding projects in this 38-page, square brochure template

Price: $13 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC |

If you’ve created a brilliant branding identity and want to show off each part of your design process, this square brochure template could be just what you need, with 38 pages of customisable pages at your disposal.

10. Social media print template

Best brochure templates: social media

Highlight your social media skills with these brochure templates

Price: $12 | Template for Illustrator CS3-CC

If you want to showcase your social media skills, here’s one of the best brochure templates we’ve found for that purpose. Working in a trifold style, this template is well organised and layered in all the right places. There’s also a business card set measuring 9 x 5.5cm to seamlessly work with the design.

11. A5 brochure template

Best brochure templates: A5

Brochure templates with a large space dedicated to imagery will showcase your best work

Price: $15 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word

For the more compact-seeking creative, this A5 brochure template will easily slip into the bags of those all-important new clients, while still showcasing all your brilliant, creative work. The large space allocated to imagery is a nice break from many of the other text-stuffed brochure templates we’ve seen.

12. Fashion brochure template

Best brochure templates: fashion

There’s plenty of room for large imagery with these brochure templates

Price: $10 | Template for InDesign CS3-CC, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word

We just had to include this brilliant design on our list of brochure templates. With its CMYK colours and neat design, this creative A4 template will allow your work to speak for itself. The large space for a logo design at the front will instantly catch the eye of prospective clients and customers, while the minimal style will prove effective in showcasing information in a clean and concise manner.

13. Trend setters brochure

Best brochure templates: trend setters

With 16 pages and using only free fonts, this brochure template is easily customisable

Price: $10 | Template for InDesign CS4-CC, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word

This typography-heavy template will work well for any designer. At only $10, it’s InDesign CS4 (or later)-compatible, comes with 16 pages and was crafted using only free fonts, ensuring that it’s super easy to customise. This is one of the best brochure templates we’ve seen to date.

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