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branding services for startup companies

Branding Services for Startup Companies

Branding Services for Startup Companies Near Chennai

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11. Are you confused about logo?

You are not your logo. Although a logo is great to have, it has no intrinsic meaning by itself. Eventually, as you develop your brand identity, your audience will come to associate your brand with your logo and transfer all of their perceptions about you onto your logo. Branding Services for Startup Companies

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Now, that doesn’t mean you should not worry about your logo. But, strive to keep it simple, and let the colors agree with your core branding message (more about that later).

Branding Services for Startup Companies

Talk, Winecity, Fiefly, My Fish

A logo is part of a brand’s identity. Check out Blue and Gold Book Icon Education Logo and Black, White and Turquoise Headset DJ Monophonic Logo for inspiration.

12. Are you using the right font?

Words may be exempt from visual branding, but not typography. Fonts help convey your tone. I learn a lot about your brand based on the font you choose.

If you want to learn more about font combinations check out How to choose the right fonts.

Font Combinations

League Spartan, Cooper Hewitt, Libre Baskerville, Julius Sans One, Source Serif Pro

The kind of font you use with your design—and not just the copy—speaks a lot about your brand. See how well the font choices fit with Red Yellow Illustrated Bear Confetti Carnival Poster and Rock Music Concert Poster, or make your own poster.

13. Are you using the right colors?

Colors are everything when it comes to visual branding. There’s a psychological attachment to each color. Observe:

branding services cost

I suggest to stick with a two color maximum for the visual branding of your logo, website, and stationery. If you use photos on social media, they will probably feature more than two colors, but you can create consistency when you add the same filter to your photos. Finding the perfect color story harmonizes your brand.

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So, what does each color say?

  • A blue color scheme says that you can be trusted. Many banks use blue to convey this message, including Barclays, Chase, and Citibank.
  • Purple is often associated with creativity and luxury. You should use this color if you’re slightly on the fringes or a true original.
  • Red is passionate and bold. Along with sister colors orange and yellow, red grabs attention.
  • Green is eco-friendly and fresh. It symbolizes growth. It’s a no-brainer for natural products to use this color.
  • Black is great for authoritative sites. It’s also a sophisticated color that works well with established brands.

Color psychology is a serious matter, one which many brands take advantage of. See how the color choices in these templates affect their impact, Minimalist Grayscale Real Estate Flyer and Blue Photo Header Tutor Flyer, or make your own flyer.

14. Have you considered black and white?

Regardless of what color you choose for your branding, you should always consider what your style elements would look like in black and white. If it doesn’t look good printed, it’s probably not a wise choice for fixed design elements, including logos. Think about how your branding would look printed on an invoice. Will it still read true?

Brand Concept Proposal for Rockettt

Brand Concept Proposal for Rockettt

Have a look at these templates, Black Melting Pot Restaurant Logo and Red and Black Car Icons Automotive Logo. The logos are colored, but imagine changing it to a single color.

15. Do you interact for feedback?

The beauty of social media is that you can interact with your audience. Don’t let that go to waste. Run photo contests on Instagram or create a group board on Pinterest and invite followers to contribute to a specific team. Use these visual clues to understand what are your audience is interested in.

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