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Flyer Design for Restaurant

Best Eye-Catching Flyer Templates

Flyers are essential advertising and self-promotion tools, showcasing your design chops for the world to see. A slick flyer can be a great for getting yourself noticed, as well as being an effective way of promoting your clients’ businesses.

Flyer Design for Restaurant Chennai

Sometimes, though, time is tight and you simply don’t have hours to start from scratch. Or you might be new to creating flyers. Either way, we’ve gathered together a selection of top flyer templates that you can use as a stepping stone to creating a stunning, original flyer in half the time.

Bookmark this page for next time you need a kick-start with your flyers. And if you need a little flyer design inspiration, we have that for you elsewhere on the site…

01. Foodie Postcard Flyers

Flyer templates: Foodie Postcard Flyers

These foodie flyer designs are particularly tasteful

Designed with food photographers, stylists and bloggers in mind, these clean and elegant postcard-sized flyer templates are fully customisable and ready to edit in Photoshop.  They come with a simple tutorial and guidelines to help you get started, and they’ll set you back just $12. Flyer Design for Restaurant

02. Corporate Business Flyers Bundle

Flyer templates: Corporate Business Flyers Bundle

All the templates you’re ever likely to need

Got a load of corporate flyers to sort out? This bundle will make your life a lot easier; it comes with 300 multipurpose and and fully editable templates in EPS format, so you’ll be able churn out the designs without repeating yourself. That’s well worth $29.

03. Hardcore Gym Flyer

Flyer templates: Hardcore Gym Flyer

Hardcore – you know the score

Delight your local hardcore gym (nope, us neither) with this intimidating flyer in a rough and ready grunge style with little regard for health and safety regulations. You’ll have to bring your own model image, and there’s plenty of space for adding copy, but we’d imagine you’ll want to keep the bit about the posing room. This beauty will set you back $6.

04. Elegant Product Flyer

Flyer templates: Elegant Product Flyer

Don’t forget your punchy title

Sell stuff, whatever it may be, with this elegant product flyer that’s ready and waiting to have your inventory pasted into it. We like the purple hues but it’s easy to customise the colours to your own taste, and it’ll set you back just $6 but bear in mind it uses the font Myriad Pro, which you’ll need to buy to get the proper look.

05. Twisted flyer template

Flyer templates: Twisted flyer template

There ain’t no party like a twisted party

This flyer template’s just the thing if you’re planning on hosting a twisted party, but its creators insist that it’s suitable for all kinds of party. It costs $6 and comes in PSD flavour with everything fully modifiable, and its fonts – Bebas Neue and Roboto – are both free, so you don’t need to worry about substituting them with the nearest thing in your font library.

06. Postcard flyer

Flyer templates: Postcard flyer

This tasteful template comes in all the formats

Best suited to fashion-related use, this tasteful and restrained template is built out of vector elements and fully editable, and your $9 gets you four files suitable for editing in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. There’s even a PDF included so you can make some quick edits and be ready to go.

07. Business flyer | Restaurant Flyer Designing Chennai

Flyer templates: Business flyer

We can all agree that creative thinking make success

If your client’s serious about its business, this flyer template should be just the ticket. Featuring a sober, no-nonsense design that’s ready for multiple applications, it’ll cost you $6 and comes as a PSD ready for editing in Photoshop. Typography-wise it uses Bebas Neue and Open Sans, both of which are free. Hotel Menu Card, Flyer Design Chennai

08. Summer party template

Flyer templates: Summer party template

There’s still time to get your big summer bash together!

Made by Rome Creation from Paris, this set of flyers is perfect for publicising your next hot fiesta. For $9 you’ll get four templates in PSD format, fully editable and with a help file included.

09. Corporate flyer

Flyer templates: Corporate flyer

This template comes with a YouTube tutorial to show you how to customise it

This $9 flyer template is aimed at corporate business use. It’s A4 sized, and print ready – all you need to do is find the right photos to include. Plus, there’s a YouTube video that shows you how to customise it. Flyer Design for Restaurant

10. Fall festival template

Flyer templates: Fall festival template

Be sure to make it clear that you haven’t booked The Fall, of course

Made by creativeartx, this festival flyer has a lovely autumnal feel to it and will cost you just $9. It comes as a fully layered PSD that you can edit however you wish, it’s CMYK print-ready, and the download features links to the free fonts used in the design so you can get it set up nice and quickly.

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