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Cafe Menu Card Design

11 inspiring menu designs

A  hotel menu isn’t just a list of dishes. Much like a design portfolio, it’s an important piece of marketing material. As the saying goes, the first bite is with the eye. Therefore a menu design says a lot about a restaurant. Creating an initial impression before the customer has even seen the food. Here are 21 brilliant examples of restaurants that got it right…

01. The Clifford Pier, Singapore

The Clifford Pier's menu draws its inspiration from Singapore's pre-war past

The Clifford Pier’s menu draws its inspiration from Singapore’s pre-war past

Stylishly retro and accented with visual elements. It has ginger flower motifs, classic postage stamps and architectural elements. It perfectly evokes the atmosphere of pre-war Singapore.

02. Toko, Dubai

Brightly-coloured marbling forms a key part of Toko's menu design

Toko attempts to push the boundaries of Japanese cuisine with its own bold interpretations. Playing the shapes and flavours of food,  visual identity aims to reflect this. Also it combines two strands of Japanese culture. Traditional painting techniques and modern subculture. Brighthead created an identity and menu inspired by the technique of marbling. But using vivid colours and spot UV to bring everything to life. cafe menu card design

03. El Kapan, Varna

Eye-catching photography helps you pick your fish and shish at El Kapan

Eye-catching photography helps you pick your fish and shish at El Kapan

El Kapan is a lively restaurant aimed at young people and offering a fun combination of seafood and barbecue.  The restaurant’s logo was designed by Marka Collective. Marka Collective came up with a comprehensive vision for the entire El Kapan brand. This includes a gorgeous menu design marked out by colourful food photography. cafe menu card design

menu designs

We’d love to get our hands on this thick, beautiful wooden Vera menu

El Calotipo are responsible for these beautiful, thick wooden menu designs for cafe Vera.  So the white lettering is printed manually on an in-house press. But the prices are then printed on stickers so they can easily be updated.

05. Cellarmaker Brewing Co, San Francisco

menu designs

The Cellarmaker menu also serves as a handy reminder of your chosen tipple

This brilliant menu design for is so clever it’s almost addicting. It provides you with details of beverages. Also serves as a helpful reminder of what you’ve already sampled. And seeing as there are many to choose from, you may just need that helping hand.

06. Sano Juice, Barcelona

menu designs

It’s hard not to love the vibrant and minimal nature of the Sano menu design.

It’s hard not to love the vibrant and ultra-minimalistic nature of this menu design.  Incidentally using gorgeous gradients of colour on one side of the menu. The flip side features mono-weight illustrations and a rounded sans serif type. Just lovely.

07. RAGU Cafe, Novosibirsk

menu designs

The team used colour-packed photographs of the delicious looking food

A team of Russian based designers were responsible for the entire identity of the RAGU Cafe. Although it was the menus that really caught our attention.  Customers can actually see what their food will look like before ordering it.  However, we don’t know why more restaurants don’t do it!

08. The Pelican, Singapore

menu designs

This gorgeous menu mixes human characters and sea-inspired animals

This illustrated menu delight comes from Singapore-based design agency. The graphic of mixing human characters interacting with sea-inspired animals.  The Pelican transforms from a dining space to a groovy bar.

09. Hubbly Bubbly, Orlando

menu designs

A fun menu design for a fun little restaurant

This fun and adorable menu design for a new falafel restaurant in Orlando. Using bright colours for every page. Additionally, the child-like aesthetics are perfect for a small business.

10. Montero, Mexico

menu designs

Another gorgeous example of branding from Anagrama

Mexican based agency is well-known for their excellent branding. But the project was developed inside an edification from the colonial period.

11. Holly Burger, Spain

menu designs

A menu design inspired by graphics of the 1940s

Designed by Manuel Astorga and Rodrigo Aguade.  Also the idea was to create a real american-style brand with a fresh mix of style references.

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